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Ruti de Vries
רותי דה פריס


Gray Thoughts, 2020

“... And in her big dark dark eyes there was a passive sweetness of a deep, irrepressible savagery, similar to foreknowledge. In fact, foreknowledge is not the right word, since it is not about knowledge. It will be more accurate to say that what was strange in these eyes was reminiscent of the mysterious stupidity of animals, who "know" not through knowledge but through a certain sense of their vulnerable body, the past and the future of every destiny. This sense of theirs that merges with their other physical senses – I would call the sense of holiness ...”  (Elsa Morante, "History: A Novel")

Ruti de Vries (b.1989, Tel Aviv) lives and works in Tel Aviv. She holds B. Ed. in art from Beit Berl College, HaMidrasha and MFA from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. She also participated in an exchange program with the Beaux Arts de Paris.

Ruti de Vries is a sculptor, painter, collage artist, seamstress, graphic designer and animator. She represents human, hybrid and animal-like creatures using sculpture, installation, collage, sewing and drawing in an approach that oscillates between figuration and abstraction. Her approach probes beneath the graphic surface to marry it with myths, superstitions, sorcery, fashion, pop, punk, superheroes, and obsessions. De Vries sketches an alternative culture, undermining accepted methods but doing so without defiance, simply with wonder, joy, and the possibility of revitalizing street junk and everyday experience with new life.

Selected solo exhibitions: PRÁM Studio, Prague (scheduled 2021); Ombre regardant le soleil, French Institute, Tel Aviv (2021); Heavy Sadness, Kibbutz Sha’ar Haamakim Gallery (2019); I saw a lot of people in the street, one of them asked me what time it was, Herzliya Artists’ Residence (2019); First Act: Evil Fluffy, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (2018); Folded Fold of a Handing Hand, Schimmel Projects Art Centre, Dresden (2018); Wild Heart , Ha’Kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv (2017); Battle Rehearsals, in collaboration with artist Luciana Kaplun, Dana Gallery (2017); Black Lentils, sound Installation in collaboration with musician Or Rimer, STA Gallery (2015); Everything I wanted to Tell You, Bezalel Academy of Art MFA graduate (2015).

Selected group exhibitions: Circular Form is the Strongest, Studio Bank, Tel Aviv (2021); Your Own Point of View, in collaboration with artist Luciana Kaplun, Petach Tikva Museum of Art (2021); Money in the Pocket, Krakers - Krakow Art Week (2019); ZUMU, the Portable Museum, Arad (2018); Between Walls, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv (2018); We Hereby Declare, Moby Bat Yam Museum (2017); The Return of Paper, the 6th Biennale for Drawing, Jerusalem (2016); Cut Outs, Yanko Dada Museum, Ein Hod (2015); Exposition Portage, Ecole Nationale Superieure de Beaux Arts, Paris (2014); Rising Star, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art (2014);

Selected awards and grants: Exhibition Grant, the Israeli Lottery Council (2019); Rabinovich Foundation Grant (2019, 2017, 2015); Residency Grant, Institut Français (2018); Young Artist Prize, Ministry of Culture (2016)


Curly Face

Acrylic on textile, 43.5x43.5 cm


out from a vase.jpeg

Outside of the Vase

Acrylic on paper​


self rider.jpeg


Acrylic & pastel on paper, 30x40cm




Markers & ink on paper, 35x50 cm


Gray Thoughts, 2020,  56X46.jpg

Gray Thoughts

56X46 cm


4ד_Textile_רותי דה פריס_פרחים אוכלים פרח 57X45.jpg

Flowers eating a flower

Acrylic on textile, 57x45 cm


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