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נעילת התערוכה והשקת הספר – חלל פנימי
נעילת התערוכה והשקת הספר – חלל פנימי

יום ו׳, 11 ביוני



נעילת התערוכה והשקת הספר – חלל פנימי

ספר תערוכה עבודת יד, בהוצאת שטרנטל. מחירים מיוחדים על העבודות. יין, גבינות....

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All are welcome!

זמן ומיקום

11 ביוני 2021, 11:00

Parterre, Frishman St 37, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

פרטי האירוע

From the Exhibition Book 

Most of 2020 has passed with us being closed-in, isolated, and socially distant. In a world without outside we have all, out of will or out of fear, moved inwards. The world epidemic has forced us ‘to introvert’ and opened a space for discreet introspection. 

“A lot of people went very far away over the course of this past year, deep into themselves, and not all of us are going to come all the way back.” Tim Kreider writes for The Atlantic. It’s been a long time that I have been looking for the right expression for these times; not just an expression of criticism or discontent but also of a new beginning and a discovery. And where else can we search for anything new if not inside, within our soul, spirit, and through the imagination? These vehicles of exploration have been neglected in our contemporary culture, a culture that highlights everything external and extroverted: action, appearances, and frantic reactions. No, the outside holds nothing new, it is overused, abused, stretched too thin like a surface or a skin without a body. The inner space holds new promises and old mysteries, if we only allow ourselves the time and courage to stop and reflect.    

It is remarkable that this intimate exhibition, which concentrates on emotion, spirit, and the coming into being of shades of consciousness, receives such a wonderful book to accompany it, the result of our cooperation with Sternthal Books. I suppose these pages, wrapped in bare canvas like the paintings in the show could be used as evidence for how it felt like to be living in our times--a kind of a time capsule of a worldwide historical moment, the beginning of a revolution or the beginning of an end. | Roy Brand


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