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Shahar Afek, Inner Space 

Shahar Afek lives and works in Shavei Tzion, acquired his MFA at Bezalel Academy, Tel Aviv, and his BA in arts at Minshar School of Art Tel Aviv. 

Shahar Afek’s practice revolves around questions such as how can one re-fabricate the past and how might a personal memory or experience be shared through smell, taste, or touch. Afek’s additional training as a chef is reflected in his treatment of materials, he appropriates the processes used in the culinary industry to recreate memories or experiences by extracting scents and tastes, resulting in a live emotional presence in space.

Combining culinary and artistic practices, Afek caters to his spectators’ senses by turning the ephemeral sensual practices of cooking – which conclude when the dish is served and consumed – into the timeless experience of art. Using ingredients such as tropical extracts, Afek creates a conceptual menu – one that offers sensual experiences from remote, exotic locations, or a blend of “olfactory dishes” to be intimately inhaled, giving rise to complex biographical memories or emotions.

‘Za’ater’, performance.jpg
Evening menu.jpg

Evening menu, inkjet print on archival paper 21x15 ,3 units of hand made glass tube with trapped scent

‘Za’ater’,2020, performance.jpg
A psychedelic experience that ends with

A psychedelic experience that ends with a lovers,​ 2020, Ink and watercolor on paper, 30X42cm

 NIS 1800

sour, sweet, life, art, biography, salty

Sour, sweet, life, art, biography, salty, 2​019, Ink and watercolor on paper, 40X50cm

 NIS 2400

after grinding and prayer,.jpg

After grinding and prayer,​ 2019, Ink and watercolor on paper, 30X42cm

 NIS 2000

2000 ILS

קידה שעירה قندول Calicotome villosa, Ink

Calicotome villosa, ​2020, Ink and watercolor on paper, 42X29cm

 NIS 2000

petrichor, 2020, shahar afek, Ink and  W

petrichor, 2020, Ink and watercolor on paper, 30X20cm

NIS 1500

zen,2019, mix mida, Ink,blood,id sticker

Zen, 2019, Ink,blood,id sticker on paper, 30X20cm

NIS 1500

solo exhibitions include Terminan en el Mar at Minshar Tel Aviv (2017), Parallel at Ramat Gan Museum (2016)

group exhibitions include Now Open at Petach Tikva Museum (2021), ‘G – host’ at Petach Tikva Museum (2019), Graduation Exhibition at MFA Bezalel (2019), ‘Factory #5’ at Haifa Museum of Art (2019), ‘The Walls Have Ears’ at Idris Gallery (2019), Where Plato Taught at Academiae Art Biennale (2018), Table Manners at Tel Aviv University gallery (2018), Grey Material at Musrara mix#18 (2018), Escape Room at Nahum Gutman Museum (2017), Place no Place at Dana Art Gallery in Kibbutz Yad Mordechai (2017), Be more than a rock at P8 Gallery, Tel-Aviv (2016), Slalom at Binyamin Gallery, Tel-Aviv (2016), Show Room #3 at Inga gallery, Tel Aviv (2016)

Selected awards and grants: Adam Award, Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Ramat Gan (2018), Animation Video award, Cinematheque, Tel Aviv (2013)

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