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Richard Kravitz


Did you know that if you

Separated all the states 

From the US map, like 

Disassembling a puzzle,

And then arranged and colored them in,

Just the right way,

They could look like faces?

Funny faces, for sure, but still, 

Recognizable faces.

Did you know that if you went 

To a really dark place, where there were

No lights anywhere, like the North Pole, 

And looked up at the starry night

You Could see a circus of Gods, 

Of great heroes and heroines?

Did you know that when you're scared. 

You can look up at the trees in the late evening

And see really scary faces,

Or sometimes, even in your bedroom at night,

If you're scared enough, the shadows

Look like faces?

So maybe, if you had the right 

Microscope, and you looked

Into the deepest, darkest truth of life,

- I guess deepest means smallest

It it's a microscope - maybe you would see

Faces, not chromosomes.

Published by Cambridge University Press on behalf of the Royal College of Psychiatrists

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